Tetra Tech and 运行的潮流 discuss how a leading with nature approach can help offshore wind clients to make a positive impact on ocean health and can support regional and corporate sustainability goals.

Tetra Tech’s sustainability and 自然的解决方案 expert 杰森Coccia and co-author Adam Baske, 奔腾潮汐的水产养殖和恢复主管, 讨论海上风电项目基于自然的解决方案.


多年来,碳一直引领着可持续发展的对话, 尽管对自然的关注正在全球范围内迅速发展. The business case for focusing on leading with nature to manage risks and opportunities and realize measurable impact with a wealth of co-benefits is becoming clearer. 创建 与自然有关的财务披露特别工作组 (TNFD) and the focused effort to build global standards around enhanced management of natural capital assets—in addition to carbon management—are quickly rising as priorities. A sustainability strategy with an amplified focus on biodiversity and 自然的解决方案 demonstrates an organization’s 环境、社会和治理成熟度, 以及适应和建立抵御气候和自然相关挑战的能力, 考虑到全球最大体育平台类和地球. 在利乐全球最大体育平台, we’re supporting our clients across the globe by leveraging our science and 工程 expertise to design bespoke solutions for their unique sustainability challenges and opportunities.


在今天的环境下, habitat degradation and biodiversity loss are most starkly visible among coral reefs in the tropics. 温带地区也同样脆弱, 如果不是这样的话, 对气候的影响, 大规模的发展, 以及对野生渔业日益增长的需求. 在美国东北部, 鱼类分布格局, 自然招募变异性, and climate change pressures may all work to constrain the productivity of many marine resources and the people who rely on them.

The science and funding are clear—自然的解决方案 offer a mechanism to proactively manage risks and achieve climate targets.

The latest report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) clearly outlines 全球最大体育平台类活动的几个众所周知的影响 跨越全球海洋. Some leading governments see potential in using 自然的解决方案 to reverse these human-caused effects. 保护方案, 可持续管理, and restore modified ecosystems must be inspired and supported by nature so that they are resilient, 适应性强的, 和成本效益. Such solutions simultaneously provide 环境, social, and economic benefits to stakeholders.


与海洋健康公司合作 运行的潮流,利乐全球最大体育平台正在支持创新的部署 自然的解决方案 为我们的海上风电客户提供快速、大规模的服务. 这些干预措施使用技术, 工程, data, 并提供可测量的实时监控, 对海洋和沿海生态系统的积极影响. 它们还改善了海洋运营商和利益相关者之间的协调与合作. 我们提供的解决方案之一是贝类, 海草, 和/或种植大型藻类,用于防冲刷和周围电缆穿越区域, 提供栖息地改善和生物多样性的好处. The solution also helps developers meet project-level mitigation requirements and their corporate sustainability goals.

Tetra Tech brings decades of experience supporting clients to meet their restoration and biodiversity goals. 举个例子, Tetra Tech supported the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana on its Living Shoreline Demonstration Project to evaluate products to establish a living shoreline along 21 miles of coastal fringe marsh in the Gulf of Mexico. 该项目增强了沿海地区抵御风浪作用的能力, 刺激牡蛎生长, 增加了该地区的生物多样性, 并如期取得许可,在拨款资助期内完成项目建设.

利用我们的 利乐全球最大体育平台 技术, 我们为客户提供海岸和气候变化模型, 全球最大体育平台工智能, 地理信息系统, 利用遥感技术模拟气候变化对环境的影响. 我们使用技术的整体方法, 生物, and engineered solutions enables us to support our clients from project design through implementation.

运行的潮流全球最大体育平台并实施了基于自然的干预措施,以重新平衡地球的碳循环, 使全球供应链脱碳, 恢复海洋生态系统, 振兴沿海社区. 运行的潮流’s fleet of mobile shellfish nursery systems automate production of multiple bivalve species and are capable of providing commercial and ecosystem service value to nearshore and offshore areas. 这种解决方案只需要传统农业的一小部分空间、劳动力和材料. 这些系统使用最先进的技术, 包括机器视觉和自动分拣系统, 为了不断监测和适应. 运行的潮流 also cultures a range of macroalgae that offer significant ecological value and encourage enhanced biodiversity and ecosystem resilience, 并部署了一个多途径的碳去除系统.

在一起, Tetra Tech and 运行的潮流 are supporting our clients to move beyond carbon and take a leading with nature approach to improve ecosystem health, 管理气候风险, 并实现可衡量的运营和社区范围的影响.

Rendering of offshore wind lease area environment with highlights of 自然的解决方案 capabilities
Rendering of offshore wind lease area depicts representative alternatives for 自然的解决方案 to enhance habitat and mitigate development and operational impacts. 这些利益可能在租赁期间持续存在, 提供长期效益,如水质和健康, 促进生物多样性和渔业, 去除二氧化碳.


随着实现《亚洲最大体育平台》目标的最后期限的临近, 私全球最大体育平台和政府资金迅速增长. 欧洲联盟(欧盟)理事会最近 批准了一项新的欧盟适应气候变化战略, calling for more 自然的解决方案 to help build resilience to climate change and enhance biodiversity. The Council backed this up by pledging an increase in spending for biodiversity in the Multiannual Financial Framework to 10 percent in 2026. 在美国, 基础设施投资和就业法案 是否已经投入470亿美元用于气候适应项目,包括基于自然的基础设施. 在第27届联合国气候变化大会上,拜登政府发布了首个此类战略 基于自然的解决方案路线图,扩大应对栖息地丧失和气候变化的解决方案.

在一起, Tetra Tech and 运行的潮流 are supporting our clients to move beyond carbon and take a leading with nature approach to improve ecosystem health, 管理气候风险, 并实现可衡量的运营和社区范围的影响.

The science and funding are clear—自然的解决方案 offer a mechanism to proactively manage risks and achieve climate targets.


Integrating nature-inclusive design in the early stages of offshore wind development provides an opportunity for developers to build holistic projects that support positive economic, 环境, 以及社会影响. Early movers can set precedent for 自然的解决方案 standards for offshore wind and establish themselves as leaders in sustainability.

Tetra Tech’s and 运行的潮流’s solutions will help our clients proactively meet key business and regulatory sustainability objectives, 包括净零承诺, 减缓气候变化, 弹性, 以及提高海上风电项目价值和影响的自然积极目标.





He helps clients achieve sustainability goals while managing risk tied to climate change and biodiversity loss. 他专注于开发满足适应需求的综合解决方案, 弹性, 缓解需求,同时增强生态系统服务和全球最大体育平台类福祉的共同效益.

He represents Tetra Tech on the international Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) Forum and is professionally certified by the IUCN on its 自然的解决方案 standard. He has helped Fortune 500 companies implement carbon sequestration projects and other resource mitigation through large-scale ecosystem restoration.

积极持牌注册会计师, he holds a Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Enterprise and Master of 环境al Management in Resource Ecology.